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Ghassemian Law Group is a boutique law firm, and we have handled quite a range of technical business and construction cases. We pride ourselves on offering a small firm’s attention to the little things while also bringing the experience that often only a big firm can provide. Our special capability to think purposefully and push for our client’s rights with excitement and drive speak to why we have such a successful history of concluding even the most complicated litigation.


With a modest population of 79,430 as of 2021, Tustin is nestled in Southern California, a little south of the city of Lose Angeles. The city is known for its giant old trees, historic homes, and the Old Town shops. However, although this city honors the roots of its past, it is also an area of vibrant residential and commercial growth. Tustin also boasts 19 parks within the city limits, ensuring residents have access to top-notch relaxation and recreation. The area hosts luxury homes in well-planned neighborhoods such as Legacy, Tustin Branch North, Browning, and Red Hill. For those looking to live somewhere rooted in history but with a dedication to continued growth, Tustin is the place to be.


Here at Ghassemian Law, we represent construction businesses, designers, engineers, business owners, architects, owners of custom-built residences, and residential project developers. We are well-equipped to represent your case, and you can be confident in our expertise because of our past case successes in the field. Because we have an intimate understanding of the construction field, we can quickly and accurately translate technical terms for judges and juries. If Ghassemian Law Group represents you, you can expect a deep knowledge of:

Whether you’re an employee fighting for the pay you deserve or a business owner frustrated with constant legal issues, Ghassemian Law Group is prepared to help you. We go beyond representing your case, going the extra mile to help you understand how to create excellent contracts, arrange your business successfully, and avoid unnecessary legal issues in the future. If you trust us with your case, we can free up your energy to flow where it belongs – back to your business.

If you are located in Tustin, Ghassemian Law Group would be honored to represent you. We pride ourselves on noticing every detail but also bringing our real-world experience to the table, the best of both big-firm and small-firm expertise, to bring you success. If you’re interested in learning more, reach out to us today!


5Ghassemian Law provided thoroughly constructed and effective legal strategies for successful outcomes in the complex world of construction law for our small company. Core competence, due diligence, and a commitment to client needs are strengths that inspire confidence and keep producing results when it counts most.

Peter Greenberger

Pacwest Construction and Development Inc

Mahyar and her team possess a wealth of construction and business law expertise. Expertise to both guide a client away from litigation and, if not possible, to skillfully represent them in court.

Thierry Montoya

AlvaradoSmith APC

Mahyar Ghassemian and her firm are the best construction dispute litigators and negotiators in the industry. Mahyar is an expert in this area. Her firms knows the law and are very tenacious in obtaining the best results for their clients. I have been involved in very lengthy litigation as co-counsel in a very big case and jury trial. Mahyar is one of the hardest working and most effective advocates I have ever had the privilege of working with.

Paul Hoffman

Hoffman Legal Corporation

Small Firm Value – Large Firm Expertise