A premier construction and business litigation firm, Ghassemian Law Group offers dynamic lawyers and cost-efficient services to Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego,California. Our work centers on construction, business and personal injury litigation, as well as transactional matters.

Whether you need help securing your business, entering into a contract or recovering from a construction site accident, you need experience and customized strategies to tackle your issues effectively. Don’t let our size fool you, we have in our arsenal years of experience representing some of the nation’s largest businesses, builders, contractors and homeowners in litigation and transactional matters.

If that doesn’t convince you of our experience, maybe our 99% settlement rate will. We produce real results, without the added cost. Period. And that is only one of the many perks that comes with having an experienced small firm on your side. We invite you to see what other benefits a value added partnership with us could have in store for you.



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No barriers here. We directly link you to experienced attorneys who work closely with you and your case. No unnecessary layers of communication between you and your attorney. No fleet of associates to run up your bills. And we produce better results at a fraction of the cost.


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Our attorneys work side-by-side with you to understand the intricacies of your business, and what makes it distinct. This is how we effectively tailor plans to provide you and your business with the optimal protection needed.


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Mahyar Ghassemian has represented some of the nation’s largest construction companies, builders and contractors in litigation for over 16 years. She knows the ins and outs of construction law, can anticipate opposing parties’ strategies and uses her science background to analyze cases in ways that gives our clients an added edge.


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From the start, our objective is early and cost-efficient resolution. We staff our cases lean, with attorneys who have years of experience to immediately get to the heart of a matter. We do not have a big operation to rack up costs.


Our founding attorney, Mahyar Ghassemian, is an accomplished business litigation and construction defense attorney with over 16 years of experience in complex litigation including Business, Construction, General Liability, and Personal Injury law. From defending national construction companies to small businesses, Mahyar offers clients versatile legal expertise they know they can count on. Her master’s degree in physics together with years of business experience in the corporate world form a unique combination that continues to yield successful results.

A distinguished entrepreneurial figure within the community as well, Mahyar bears an array of high-ranking positions within preeminent business and legal organizations. She has received recognition from many of them, along with publications such as the Orange County Metro and Orange Coast Magazine. We invite you to review her many accolades and awards.

When expertise and responsiveness count, our clients know who to call. Contact us today at (949) 436-2785.

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After many years of utilizing numerous attorneys on various legal matters, we were very fortunate to find Mahyar Ghassemian. We finally found an attorney who is not only extremely skilled and competent, but also goes far above what is required in representing us because she genuinely cares about her clients.
In 2008 -2009, our company was involved in a lawsuit with over 1 million dollars claimed against us. Mahyar Ghassemian handled our case expertly and conscientiously. She explained on a regular basis the progress of our case and how each of the actions of our opponent would ultimately affect our case. At no time did we feel alone or compromised as Mahyar boldly stayed her course which eventually provided us with the satisfactory outcome we had hoped to achieve. She will be our first call should the need arise in the future.
I’d been searching for someone to handle the problem of collecting from the occasional client who refused to pay for my services—and to recommend to my own clients who encountered the same problem. Attorneys and collection agencies I’d spoken to weren’t interested in dealing with the small amounts my clients typically billed their customers. Then I met Mahyar Ghassemian, who has a passion for collections…and no minimum! Because of her efforts, the client agreed to settle for nearly the full amount! I’d encourage anyone who wants results to turn to Mahyar Ghassemian for their collection needs.

Small Firm Value – Large Firm Expertise

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