Architects, Engineers, Designers

We represent numerous architectural, Engineering and Design companies. 

Our technical expertise helps us understand the mentality of these professionals and the intricacy of their companies.  

  • Have you had issues getting paid for your Architectural, Engineering, or Design work?
  • Do you know there is a specific Designer’s Lien you can place on a property to get paid for your work?
  • Do you know you can also place a Mechanics Lien on a property to secure your payment?
  • Have you ever had your designs stolen or taken without your consent?

Our litigation services include:

  • Foreclosure of Designers and Mechanics Liens
  • Breach of Contract 
  • Copyright infringement (for engineering and architectural drawings)
  • Non-payment for services

Our preventative services include:

  • Drafting and Review of Architectural Contracts
  • Drafting and Review of Engineering Contracts
  • Drafting and Review of Design and Design/Build Contracts
  • Negotiation of Contracts 
  • Help during project


Ghassemian Law provided thoroughly constructed and effective legal strategies for successful outcomes in the complex world of construction law for our small company. Core competence, due diligence, and a commitment to client needs are strengths that inspire confidence and keep producing results when it counts most.

Peter Greenberger

Pacwest Construction and Development Inc

Mahyar and her team possess a wealth of construction and business law expertise. Expertise to both guide a client away from litigation and, if not possible, to skillfully represent them in court.

Thierry Montoya

AlvaradoSmith APC

Mahyar Ghassemian and her firm are the best construction dispute litigators and negotiators in the industry. Mahyar is an expert in this area. Her firms knows the law and are very tenacious in obtaining the best results for their clients. I have been involved in very lengthy litigation as co-counsel in a very big case and jury trial. Mahyar is one of the hardest working and most effective advocates I have ever had the privilege of working with.

Paul Hoffman

Hoffman Legal Corporation

Small Firm Value – Large Firm Expertise