Owners Of Custom Homes

We help owners of custom homes

  • Are you trying to build the home of your dreams? Did you spend a lot of money on purchasing a multi-million Dollar custom home and want to do some major remodeling?
  • Are you in the middle of remodeling a custom home and having issues with your contractor?
  • Are you involved in a lawsuit about your custom home?
  • Did a contractor file a mechanics lien against your home and you do not know what to do about it?
  • Did the contractor for your custom home not do a good job and left a lot of defects in the home?
  • Did the contractor fail to finish the project?

We have helped numerous owners of custom homes before, during, or after construction

Let us help you too

What We Do:

  • Advice before the start of building or remodeling a home and during the construction.
  • Advice about what kind of insurance you need and should require the contractor to have.
  • Help with release of a mechanics lien.
  • Draft construction contracts that would protect you from unforeseen circumstances.
  • Resolve payment and damage issues with the contractor.
  • Draft architectural and design contracts to use with architects and engineers who design your home.
  • File lawsuits to hold your contractor accountable for delay, breach of contract, and other problems.


Mahyar was a big part in helping start our company and setting up our corporation. She also went to battle with a Billion dollar Corporation to keep our doors open when they tried everything to shut us down.

Danny Lamping

Classic Refrigeration Company

In 2008 -2009, our company was involved in a lawsuit with over 1 million dollars claimed against us. Mahyar Ghassemian handled our case expertly and conscientiously. She explained on a regular basis the progress of our case and how each of the actions of our opponent would ultimately affect our case. At no time did we feel alone or compromised as Mahyar boldly stayed her course which eventually provided us with the satisfactory outcome we had hoped to achieve. She will be our first call should the need arise in the future.

Kelly Owen

Clarion Construction, Inc.

Many years ago an insurance carrier hired Mahyar Ghassemian to defend my construction firm in civil litigation. Not only was Ms. Ghassemian very knowledgeable and competent regarding the legal proceedings, but she was also personally vested in our well-being; she cared what happened. She counseled us regarding the various options, listened to our input and proceeded accordingly. In multiple cases with Ms. Ghassemian, we have never experienced a negative outcome. Today my first call when a potential legal issue is on the horizon is to Ms. Ghassemian. She is both extremely effective and cost conscious.

Russell Patterson

The Patterson Company

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