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Ghassemian Law Group, a boutique law firm, has an excellent case record of winning construction and business litigation. No need to sacrifice a small firm’s attention to detail or a big firm’s vast experience – we have both! Even the most complex or technical litigation is not too difficult for us to tackle.


Located north of San Diego, Oceanside has a population of 172,982 as of 2021. Described as a “true SoCal beach town,” this city has awesome weather year-round, great beach vibes, and cute bungalow neighborhoods. The area is known for the California Surf Museum and its historic wooden pier. Oceanside hosts a few luxurious neighborhoods, including Townsite, Fire Mountain, and South Oceanside. Oceanside is an excellent place to live, especially as it is conveniently situated between San Diego and Los Angeles.


Whether you are a designer, CEO, engineer, architect, residential project developer, luxury homeowner, or construction business, Ghassemian Law has the resources for you. No construction case is too complicated; even incredibly technical cases aren’t difficult for our attorneys to translate into commonplace language that judges and juries can comprehend. When you work with Ghassemian Law Group, you can expect us to be knowledgeable about the following:

If you are a construction worker ready to be paid what you deserve or a business fighting unfair litigation, Ghassemian Law Group has your back. In addition to winning cases, we also can help you not only organize your business and craft bulletproof contracts for your greatest benefit. Battling in court takes energy and money, and we are here to make the process smooth and as painless as possible to free you up to get back to work.

Do you live near Oceanside and are a business, construction company, or individual? If so, Ghassemian Law Group can assist you. We offer the focused touch of a small firm’s attention alongside the experience of a big firm’s history. Don’t do this alone. Talk to a member of our team today!


Mahyar was a big part in helping start our company and setting up our corporation. She also went to battle with a Billion dollar Corporation to keep our doors open when they tried everything to shut us down.

Danny Lamping

Classic Refrigeration Company

In 2008 -2009, our company was involved in a lawsuit with over 1 million dollars claimed against us. Mahyar Ghassemian handled our case expertly and conscientiously. She explained on a regular basis the progress of our case and how each of the actions of our opponent would ultimately affect our case. At no time did we feel alone or compromised as Mahyar boldly stayed her course which eventually provided us with the satisfactory outcome we had hoped to achieve. She will be our first call should the need arise in the future.

Kelly Owen

Clarion Construction, Inc.

Many years ago an insurance carrier hired Mahyar Ghassemian to defend my construction firm in civil litigation. Not only was Ms. Ghassemian very knowledgeable and competent regarding the legal proceedings, but she was also personally vested in our well-being; she cared what happened. She counseled us regarding the various options, listened to our input and proceeded accordingly. In multiple cases with Ms. Ghassemian, we have never experienced a negative outcome. Today my first call when a potential legal issue is on the horizon is to Ms. Ghassemian. She is both extremely effective and cost conscious.

Russell Patterson

The Patterson Company

Small Firm Value – Large Firm Expertise