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Los Angeles Superior Court 2023:   

Result: General Contractor’s 3 Million Dollars A Year Contract Was Saved

A general contractor who has on-going multi million dollars a year worth of contracts with a Shopping Center developer, retained Ghassemian Law Group to help it.  At issue was a very urgent payment dispute with a subcontractor who had sued the client and the developer of shopping centers, with allegations that our client has failed to pay the subcontractor.   The law suit had put our client’s relationship with the shopping center developer in serious jeopardy and was threatening the loss of a few million dollars a year in lost projects. Our team of attorneys, who are experts in construction law, were able to step in to the emergency, and using specific construction law tools, resolve the dispute between the parties so the general contractor’s relationship as well as its multi million dollar recurring annual projects were saved. 

Orange County Superior Court 2020

Result: $800,000 Recuperated For Work Done By A General Contractor

A General Contractor with a niche practice of hospital remodeling and retrofitting had done work on a $2.1 million contract and the owner had refused to pay $900,000 of the overall contract value. The general contractor’s own business attorney brought the case to us because for over a year he was unable to get the other party to pay. With proper strategy and filing a timely lawsuit, we were able to bring the other side to the negotiating table and help our client get paid over $800,000. In addition, because we charge hourly and not on a contingency, so instead of paying us $267,000 which is 1/3 of the $800,000, recuperated, the client only paid about $35,000 in attorney’s fees over the course of eight months resulting in a savings of $232,000 to the client. 

Pre-litigation Matter: Nevada County, CA

Result: Contractor’s License and the Company Saved

A General Contractor and was sued by the owner of a property with allegations that he had used unlicensed subcontractors. The owner had also filed a complaint with the California State License Board. So the contractor’s  license, his company and ability to earn a living, were in serious danger.  We were able to defend the contractor in front of the licensing board, preserve his license and save his company.   Another similar situation where the General Contractor decided to defend itself, unfortunately ended badly because that other client refused to allow our expert team do what they need to do to save his company.

San Diego Superior Court 2022-23

Result: Contractor’s Personal Assets Saved in Dispute with Bond Company 

A subcontractor involved in a large size government project was accused of not doing its job properly by the general contractor and came to us for help. The General Contractor was refusing to pay the subcontractor for the work that had already been performed. General Contractor also filed a lawsuit against the subcontractor.  In addition, the subcontractor’s own bond company had turned against it and was threatening to come after the client’s personal residence because of the threat of lawsuit.  Our office with its expertise in this very specialized area of law was able to strategically bring the bond  company to the same side as our client.  The bond company not only stopped pressing the client to pledge his personal residence and other assets, but also helped the client in its pursuit of the General Contractor and defending the lawsuit against it. 

Orange County Superior Court 2019

Result: Business Law: Clients Successfully Extracted in a $2.3 million Corporate Shareholder Dispute  

Shareholder dispute developed in a corporation where the investors in the corporation brought a lawsuit against the corporation, and its Board of Directors with a variety of different claims. Ghassemian Law Group was retained it to represent two of the directors of the company who had been sued personally, as well as in their official capacity. Are the two directors who are also shareholders had not participated in any diversion of moneys from the company or any other financial wrongdoing. However, the other side had sued them and was furtively pursuing them. The livelihood and personal assets of these directors were in jeopardy.

By using proper legal strategy, and vigorously defending the clients, our office was able to reach a very favorable settlement and successfully extracted the clients, allowing them to keep their personal assets and their future livelihood intact. 


5Ghassemian Law provided thoroughly constructed and effective legal strategies for successful outcomes in the complex world of construction law for our small company. Core competence, due diligence, and a commitment to client needs are strengths that inspire confidence and keep producing results when it counts most.

Peter Greenberger

Pacwest Construction and Development Inc

Mahyar and her team possess a wealth of construction and business law expertise. Expertise to both guide a client away from litigation and, if not possible, to skillfully represent them in court.

Thierry Montoya

AlvaradoSmith APC

Mahyar Ghassemian and her firm are the best construction dispute litigators and negotiators in the industry. Mahyar is an expert in this area. Her firms knows the law and are very tenacious in obtaining the best results for their clients. I have been involved in very lengthy litigation as co-counsel in a very big case and jury trial. Mahyar is one of the hardest working and most effective advocates I have ever had the privilege of working with.

Paul Hoffman

Hoffman Legal Corporation

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