Pacific Gas and Electric Corp. faces new criminal charges for its role in the 2019 Kincade wildfire. The charges come after PG&E plead guilty to 84 counts of involuntary manslaughter relating to 2018’s Camp Fire.

PG&E filed for bankruptcy protection in 2019.  The company is challenging the new criminal charges, although it acknowledges the findings by state investigators that its equipment caused the fire.

In May, PG&E stated that it could book a loss of $600 million stemming from damages tied to the 2019 Kincade wildfire.  PG&E expects to take another $275 million loss for a third fire, 2020’s Zogg Fire. The district attorney in Shasta County is reviewing that incident for possible additional criminal charges.

PG&E is the state’s largest utility.  The three fires and related fines and costs will only further increase energy costs for homeowners and businesses in the Sunshine State.