Have you been looking to modernize your construction company and bring it into the future? Here is how you can make your company FLY: Use Drones!

Construction companies are using drones creatively. One apparent use for construction is getting an aerial view of the job site to help surveyors, earthmovers and project managers with a better view of materials, equipment and workers in real time.

By analyzing drone imagery, companies are optimizing grading plans, streamlining operations, and identifying critical differences between as-designed and as-built site plans and construction. Drones can also be outfitted with thermal cameras and used for volumetric calculations of dirt, bio-mass, stone, timber and aggregate material stockpiles on the ground.

So the main reason to have a drone is to get better data by use of a flying robot with built-in sensors that can provide an edge for your business in the field.

Construction companies are beginning to use drones creatively

Going on autopilot

Still companies are fearful to use manpower to control the drones. Not only operators are squeamish but also the companies are worried that human error could result in liability. This is when autopilot technology comes in. Technology companies are working on new drone technology with single-touch, pre-programmed drones and mobile-app powered auto pilot systems that make take-off and landing much easier. Advances have been made in flight operations and data capture to the extent that you don’t need special skills or expertise to implement the technology.

The drone industry is focused on the three As: “autonomy, artificial intelligence, and applications,”. The aim is to make drone technology for data capture as friction free as possible and still deliver high resolution, highly reliable information. There is plenty of room for the evolution of optical and aerial sensors to provide new levels of field data and intelligence.

Where is drone technology headed in construction? Everywhere: it is moving fast with a lot of advancement and opportunity. It is only getting started and is definitely here to stay!!!