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Ghassemian Law Group Opening New Office In Irvine

Irvine construction, business, and real estate litigation attorney

Since its founding, Ghassemian Law Group has had a defining vision—to provide the personalized, responsive service of a small firm with the high-quality legal expertise expected of the largest firms. In areas of construction law, real estate law, Business law, both in preventative work litigation, we focus on finding efficient solutions for our clients to protect their business and their livelihood, and the results speak for themselves. We are proud to announce our growing firm is adding a new location in Irvine to respond to the growing demand for our services and to better meet the needs of our clients in Orange County and throughout Southern California.

Who Do We Serve?

For business owners and investors, risk goes hand in hand with potential rewards. Whether you are a construction company building luxury homes or bidding on public contracts, a business owner contemplating expansion or sale of your business, a development firm coordinating a commercial building project, or a real estate investor adding to your portfolio of properties, there is always the chance that a dispute will end up dragging you into court. While it may not be possible to fully eliminate the threat of litigation, too many businesses leave themselves needlessly exposed to liability, unintentionally harm their own rights through ignorance of the law, and are unprepared to act in their own best interests when they get sued. That oversight can spell ruin when things go wrong.

For our clients, Ghassemian Law Group is the first call they make when legal problems arise in their business. We have represented some of the nation’s largest businesses, builders, real estate companies and contractors in litigation, vigorously defending their rights and working diligently toward the most effective resolution for their case. Time and again, our legal expertise and litigation experience with the most complex cases has allowed us to achieve successful outcomes for our clients when the future of their business was on the line.

However, we are not only here to respond after things have gone wrong. We believe in a proactive approach that helps protect your business from future legal difficulties. This can include proper business formation; drafting, reviewing, and negotiating contracts; advising on legal compliance requirements; general counsel services; commercial property transactions; and more. Our personal approach allows us to get to know your business so we can more effectively align legal strategies toward your goals and provide the expert counsel you need to set your business and real estate ventures up for success.

Vital Legal Protection for Your Construction, Real Estate, and Business Ventures

Just wearing a seatbelt is essential for driving safely, having the right law firm behind you is a must for running a construction company, development firm, business, or real estate company. When you work with Ghassemian Law Group, you can expect a fast response, clear communications, cost-effective services, and a team dedicated to finding the fastest way to get to the solution that is in your best interest for long-term purposes. Unlike large firms, where you pay exorbitant rates to have your company treated as a number and you have to fight to get the attention of the most experienced attorneys, at Ghassemian Law Group, you benefit from our team’s decades of collective expertise every time you pick up the phone. You can pursue your business goals with confidence, knowing that you have our thorough legal and business knowledge at your side.

Expert Construction, Business, and Real Estate Attorneys in Orange County

Our newest office is located in the Michelson office complex in the heart of Irvine’s business district, conveniently accessed from the 405 freeway. This joins our original location in Mission Viejo to provide even better access to our legal services. We stand ready to defend your business in litigation, assert your rights as we negotiate for a favorable deal, and provide the comprehensive legal support you need to help your business succeed. To learn more about how Ghassemian Law Group can serve your company, contact us here today.


This article is informational only and meant to provide guidance. It is not meant to be legal advice and it does not create an attorney-client relationship. For what to do in your specific situation, please consult with a qualified Construction Law attorney.


Ghassemian Law provided thoroughly constructed and effective legal strategies for successful outcomes in the complex world of construction law for our small company. Core competence, due diligence, and a commitment to client needs are strengths that inspire confidence and keep producing results when it counts most.

Peter Greenberger

Pacwest Construction and Development Inc

Mahyar and her team possess a wealth of construction and business law expertise. Expertise to both guide a client away from litigation and, if not possible, to skillfully represent them in court.

Thierry Montoya

AlvaradoSmith APC

Mahyar Ghassemian and her firm are the best construction dispute litigators and negotiators in the industry. Mahyar is an expert in this area. Her firms knows the law and are very tenacious in obtaining the best results for their clients. I have been involved in very lengthy litigation as co-counsel in a very big case and jury trial. Mahyar is one of the hardest working and most effective advocates I have ever had the privilege of working with.

Paul Hoffman

Hoffman Legal Corporation

Small Firm Value – Large Firm Expertise