If you are running a business in California, there are numerous things to worry about.  Here is a list of a few new 2017 laws to help you and your business stay in the loop:

Minimum wage, equal pay and paid parental leave:

  • The statewide minimum wage was raised from $10 to $10.50 an hour for businesses with 26 or more employees — a rate that will rise to $15 by 2022.
  • An employer can’t pay a woman less than her male colleagues because of her prior salary. Workers in “substantially similar” jobs but of different race or ethnicity will also need to be paid equal wages.
  • There is now up to 12 weeks of paid parental leave to all K-12 and community college employees, including classified workers and community college faculty.

Gender-neutral bathrooms:

  • California law now mandates all single-toilet bathrooms in businesses and public agencies to be gender neutral. This does not apply to multi-stall bathrooms.

Job Interview Questions:

  • Employers won’t be allowed to ask a job applicant to disclose information about an arrest, detention or court case — if it happened while the person was younger than 18.