A rarity of its kind, Ghassemian Law Group is a small firm with big-firm experience. With over 20 years of experience, Mahyar Ghassemian has represented some of the nation’s largest businesses, builders and contractors in litigation as well as transactional matters, and now brings that expertise to a small firm environment to provide clients with the best of both worlds.

The unique blend of our small operation with our vast legal expertise in complex, multi-million dollar cases means that we are ideally equipped to solve your legal matters regardless of the size or complexity of the issue(s) at hand. Further, this ensures that you receive the attention and responsiveness of the managing partner, who personally directs your legal projects to ensure a successful outcome in a timely and cost-effective manner. These are advantages which very few big firms can offer.

Turner Construction Company

Whiting Turner Contracting Company

ACCO Engineering Inc

C A Rasmussen Company

Too often, clients mistakenly entrust large firms over smaller firms with their legal disputes, misconstruing the size of a firm as an indicator of expertise. Generally, such misconceptions are supported by the following reasoning: more abled-bodies ensure a more efficiently run operation.

While this sort of logic may apply elsewhere, it does not pan out within a legal context. The ability to assign more associates to a case does not determine a firm’s efficiency, or guarantee the best outcome for your case. Because disputes are resolved—not by the number of attorneys involved, but by the strength of legal strategy.

We tailor our strategies to your distinct needs, combining substantial experience with informed creativity to yield concrete results.

Our clients receive a form of responsiveness and care unique to us. We have had clients repeatedly come to us, after being represented by large firms, complaining about how long it took for their calls to be returned, how even once they were returned, it was done by a new and unfamiliar voice.

We avoid this type of client-communication at all costs. We work closely with you and your case. We want to fully understand your issues and interests, to make them our own. This way, we can sidestep the unnecessary and pave the quickest path to the most ideal solution for you.

Our close-attention and responsiveness is dually beneficial: by keeping you in the loop, we help you stay at ease; and by collapsing unnecessary layers of communication between you and your attorney, we produce better results.

We are selective about the cases we take on, so as not to dilute our small firm care standards. However, for those cases which we do take on, our managing partner oversees them from the first client meeting until the case’s end.

Our small size is precisely why your case can be handled cost-effectively. With a big firm, there is large overhead and countless mouths to feed. Which means you are paying much more, without the assurance of your disputes being properly resolved, or interests fully met.

Due to their size, big firms generally have fixed legal fees and typically do not offer alternative billing methods. Not only does this strain your wallet, but also, in the grand scheme of your dispute, does not serve you well either.

Your case will be passed around, handled by more associates than necessary, to the detriment of its best possible outcome. Throwing too many bodies at a case hinders it from being represented by one attorney, who is intimately familiar with it as a whole, which lowers your chances for a successful outcome.